Sweat – HIIT classes

High intensity interval training, conditioning and core. Combining body weight, Dumbells, Kettle bells and cardio machines to get fit! This class requires no previous experience and is a great way to build up your base fitness before our EQ-Fit Class!

Class Example

Warm Up:
Pulse Raiser
1-40 Seconds row
2-40 Seconds Air Squats
3-40 Second Skipping
Mobility and activation:
2 Rounds
10 Reverse Lunges
10 Goblet Squats
10 Hang DB Snatch
5 Dive Bombs

A: 3 Minute AMRAP
400/500M Row
Dumbell Snatch
Burpees over the Dumbells
-Rest 2 Minutes

B: 3 Minute AMRAP
400/500M Ski Erg
Box Step Overs
Toes to bar
Box jump overs

-Rest 2 Minutes

Alternate for 30 Minutes

EQ-FT – Strength and conditioning classes

This is our classic strength and conditioning class. Classes are fun and varied to challenge you to become fitter, faster, stronger and leaner. Expect to use barbells, dumbells, kettle bells, gymnastics and cardio combined with top level coaching.

Recommended previous experience: 1 Month of 2-3 Sweat classes per week.

Class Example

Warm Up:
Pulse raiser:
3-5 Minutes of partner medball game, partner performs 3 down ups each time they loose!
Mobility and activation:
2 Rounds
5 Wall Facing Squats
10 Bird Dogs
10 Dead Bugs
10 Air Squats @1 second pause in bottom
10-7-5 Back squats increasing load each set

Built to a heavy 5 back Squat (75-85% range)
2×10 @31×1 Tempo
(50% range)

5 Rounds for time
6 Hang power Snatch @35/50KG
12 Wall Balls @9/6KG
24 Double Unders

Cool Down:
2/2 Minutes Pigeon Hip Floss

EQ-WL – Weightlifting classes

This is our weightlifting Specific class, an hour dedicated to improving your technique and strength with the Olympic lifts, all of our team are British weightlifting qualified and have a-lot of experience training to improve the Snatch & Clean and Jerk

It’s perfect for those who want to spend more training time with the barbell and strength work! Not only that, it would also Passover well to the barbell work in FIT classes!

Recommended previous experience: 4-6 weeks of 2-3 FIT classes per week.

Class Example

Warm Up:
-5 Minute coach led Mobility flow

-Empty Barbell preparation
2x 10 Pass through
2x 5 Front squats
2x 5 Clean Deadlifts
2x 3 Tall Cleans + Push press
2x 3 Hang cleans + power jerk
2x 3 Clean + Split jerks

Main session:
A: Clean and Jerk Week 1

15 Minutes to accumulate 7-9 Sets of:
2 Hang cleans
1 Clean
1 Split Jerk

B1: Clean & Jerk Strength Week 1

4x 5 Paused Front squats
@65-70% of Clean 1RM (Something you could do 6-8 with in week 1)
B2: DB Split press
4x 5

B1 & B2 Performed as a superset

C: 2 Minute per Side Front rack Stretch

”Really welcoming everyone catered for and very friendly atmosphere”