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Nate Evans

Owner / Head Coach

Bsc (Hons) Sports Performance and Coaching
Level 4 Sports Rehab and Massage
Myofacial Cupping
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CF Weight Lifting Cert
Strength & Conditioning L1,2,3
Aerobic Capacity Chris Hinshaw

Founder and Head Coach at Equation Fitness… Nate Evans!

Nate started CrossFit in 2009 along side his rugby training for rehab and injury prevention.

Nate went on to open @equationfitness(previously known as CrossFit Galleon) in 2015, and 5 years later the gym is busier and better than it has ever been.

With his degree in Sports Performance and Coaching, he uses his knowledge along with experience to carefully structure the class programme to make all our members the fittest versions of themselves. Nate ensures the programming is fun and varied yet progressive to allow continuous improvement in performance over time.

After many years of competing in fitness events, Nate is now focused on general health, fitness and competing in team events. He enjoys all aspects of training and coaching and is extremely passionate about using fitness as a tool to help combat mental health.


Oli Bennett


BSC (Hons) in Applied Sport and Health Science
Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Sports Science
British Weight Lifting Level 2 and 3
Level 1 Rugby Coach
CrossFit Level 1
Fdsc Exercise Health and Fitness
Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer

Oli, better known as OBH, has been with us for 4 years now. He is a massive part of the team and been a huge help in growing the gym in to where it is today.

Oli has come from a sporting background, playing rugby throughout college and still plays cricket on the weekends now!

As an over weight child, Oli has seen first hand the importance of fitness and healthy diet, and the effect it can have on your over all wellbeing.

Oli started out coaching in college during his degree in Applied Sport and Health Science before joining us in 2016. Using experience and education, Oli has built a huge base of knowledge which he uses to help members and clients in the gym to perform at their best and reach their goals.

He enjoys educating members and clients on the WHY not just the how, which helps participants develop an understanding and passion for what we deliver in the gym.

Coming from a competitive sporting background, Oli loves to push himself in both training and competitions, but has a general passion for the process of training to be the best version yourself.


Charlie Francis


Level 4 Extended Higher Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
Non-Medical Nutritionist
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
CrossFit Level 1
Aerobic Capacity
CrossFit Kids
British Weightlifting Level 2 and 3
500hr Yoga Instructor

Charlie started her coaching career back in 2013 when she qualified as a personal trainer after finishing college and headed to Melbourne, Australia to work in a gym and gain experience.

Soon after she set up an online coaching platform, now known as Equation Training which is now integrated with us at EQ Fitness.

After leaving Australia, she went to India to qualify as a 500hr yoga instructor and then returned to the UK where she joined us as a coach in 2016.

Charlie is Head of Youth development at EQ Fitness and coaches all the Kids from age 5 up to 16 years old. This year we were selected to be a British Weight Lifting Talent Academy, with a focus on working with young people to develop their weightlifting skills, while improving their health and wellbeing.

Charlie also runs all of our nutrition challenges we hold here at EQ Fitness. We have seen some incredible results in people’s body composition and performance.

IMG 2583 3

Ashley Carter


Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Sports Massage
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
CrossFit Level 1
British Weightlifting Essentials of Weightlifting
Optimum Nutrition Certificate in Nutrition

Ashley is our newest member of the team. He qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist back in 2012 when we began his career in the fitness industry.

He has worked in a number of Gyms gaining experience including a Luxury Health Club in Perth when traveling a few years ago where he also competed in Mens Physique.

Ashleys training began in college when playing rugby which is when he started to take his fitness seriously. Over the years he has taken on a number of fitness challenges for charity, including his most recent attempt at walking 100km in 24 hours which sounded absolutely savage!!

Functional Bodybuilding and Conditioning is what makes up Ashleys training these days with a big focus on Injury Prevention and Rehab

”Friendly atmosphere, great coaching, all levels catered for. Thanks!”

Tracey Jones